find your daily rhythm

The right light delivered in a revolutionary way that changes the way your body is in rhythm with the world.


Private Label

Have your own personalized control system with mate. This provides customization in addition to mate’s full solution for HCL in commercial, education and medical spaces.


  • mate. HCL Tunable Decoder

    The future of lighting is here. Matching the solar scenes of the day is best done hard-wired and centralized. With our mate. solution, this decoder is the best way to control HCL. With smooth dimming down to .01%, the decoder provides the answer to elegant dim rates.

  • mate. iPad Adapter

    The Apple iPad functions as the ultimate server for HCL lighting. This hard-wired ethernet adapter connects the iPad to the DMX controlled device.

  • HCL Fixtures

    Along with partners like Environmental Lights, we have the full solution to bring HCL to premium production homes. These versatile fixtures provide a variety of options to choose from to satisfy any homebuilder and floor plan.

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Why choose mate.

We focus on optimizing natural light’s benefits while minimizing complexity in the operation of your lighting system.

  • Submit your floor plan

    Begin with the end in mind. You know human centric lighting has a great impact on your daily rhythm. Same goes for lighting design at the floor plan stage of construction. Email us your floorpan to start the conversation:

  • Choose your light fixture

    We are currently partnered with Environmental Lights to supply high quality, tunable white fixtures. Their engineers can guide you through selecting the right products, provide you with a quote and help with any customizations to make your installation simple. Learn more about these human centric fixtures here.

  • Save on Energy

    Less hardware, More hard-wired. When the lighting industry introduced LED’s to the market, that was only half of the low voltage solution. High voltage wire is still being used to supply LED’s power. Today, we offer the full package; the light fixture, low voltage power and lighting control saving you impactful energy costs.

  • Find your Daily Rhythm™

    Automatic solar scenes adjust both the color and dim level of your lighting to match the sun’s sequence leaving you with an improved daily rhythm. Change your light, Change your day.


  • What is map2match?

    A light fixtures’ color temperature is fundamental in finding your daily rhythm. But what happens when your ceiling downlights are right where you want them, but your under counter lighting and over counter pendants are all different color temperatures? With our built-in map2match™ technology, selecting each light profile is simple and color matching all tunable fixtures is automatic. And the best part, not only are your lights now tuned to the outdoor color, but so will your circadian rhythm.

  • Why hardwired and not wireless?

    The lighting industry had to start somewhere with tunable lighting, but can we all agree that hard wiring control to a fixture is always better when given the opportunity? We offer this hardwired solution to manufacturers. Less hardware, more hard wired.

  • Why is low voltage a better solution for lighting than high voltage?

    LED bulbs themselves are a low voltage solution. By using low voltage wiring and power, the heat exchange is dramatically reduced thereby significantly increasing the longevity of the fixture.

  • What is Circadian Rhythm or Human Centric Lighting?

    Circadian rhythm can be defined as your internal body clock which helps to manage both physical and mental wellbeing. Human centric lighting mimics the sun’s color change throughout the day to simulate that of the outdoors.

  • Can I do a hybrid system?

    Yes. If you have an existing control system, mate can be a stand alone lighting control system.

  • Can I run this on google?

    We do have a Google assistant plugin for the Android users of the home. However, an Apple iPad is required for the home server that mate runs on.

  • What is Apple homekit?

    HomeKit is a software framework by Apple, made available in iOS/iPadOS that lets users configure, communicate with, and control smart-home appliances using Apple devices. We built our backbone on homekit because of its stability and security measures for our daily users with mate.

  • Is this a subscription?

    No. We want to help everyone find their daily rhythm and knew removing a monthly subscription would be a big step in the right direction.

  • What if I want to adjust the brightness of my lights manually?

    All light dimming and color can be manually adjusted within mate. When using our rockers, the room can be physically switched, removing power to the fixture.

  • How do I work with mate?

    We work with lighting manufacturers. Click here to learn more.

  • How can I get started?

    Download the mate app on the Apple App Store today to begin experiencing intuitive smart home control. For design and ordering of tunable white lights, reach out to a friendly sales rep with Environmental Lights here.

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    Thanks so much to the amazing team who created this app, it’s a real game changer.

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    I’ve just started using this app. I already have quite a few HomeKit devices and this connected immediately and is better than the home app. I really love it.

    1y ago
  • podcasted120

    If you have HomeKit, this app is a must. Apple leaves most of their automation creation up to third parties and this is the only app I’ve found that works perfectly to connect them all into one app. The interface is minimal and pleasing to the eye.

    2y ago
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    Really good

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    So easy to set up and manage. Never thought I would be able to integrate my home like this without spending thousands! Game. Changer!

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    This is a life-saver, thank you. It makes everything so easy.

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    This App is amazing! It makes life so easy and efficient. I love how I am able to make all of my home devices communicate through this easy to use App. mate is a life saver!!!

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    Beautiful, easy to install and use and such fun! I feel so empowered that I can control everything in my home when I’m not even there!

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    Absolutely gorgeous, I’m in awe! Very user friendly!

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    What a beautiful interface. So easy to use!

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